Evolution Wing Tek – Light

Evolution Wing Tek – Light

Evolution Wing Tek – Light


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Evolution TEK-3 wing tipped tek?screws are specifically designed?for fixing timber?to metal substrates from 1.2mm?to 3.5mm thick. No need to pre-drill thanks to the sharp?drill point, however for very hard substrates a small pilot hole can be used to speed up insertion speed.?These tek screws have an Evoshield??exterior coating which is tested to withstand a minimum?500 hours of salt spray.



  • Coarse self-tapping thread for extreme grip & excellent pull out
  • Evoshield? 500-hour salt spray tested exterior plating
  • Manufactured from?AISI C1022 grade steel
  • PH2?phillips drive

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38, 50, 62, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180

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100, 200

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EVOW4838382001 kg1539.28
TSTF4.8-50-3502001 kg6611.32
TSTF5.5-62-3622001 kg21515.41
TSTF4.8-80-3801001 kg9616.94
TSWB5.5-100-31001001 kg5617.69
TSTF5.5-120-31201001 kg1828.51
TSTF5.5-150-31501001 kg4142.55
TSTF5.5-180-31801001 kg2769.07