Gerband PHS Fusion Vario Window Tape

Gerband PHS Fusion Vario Window Tape

Gerband PHS Fusion Vario Window Tape


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PHS Fusion Variable Plus Window Tape is a special full adhesive for fast and reliable sealing of window and door reveals.

PHS Fusion Variable Plus Window Tape protects against interstitial condensation by having a variable Sd membrane value. In the winter the tape becomes more vapour closed (Sd = 20m) to prevent moisture travelling into the building fabric and condensing due to the reduced temperature. In the summer the tape becomes more vapour open (Sd = 0.1m) to allow any moisture that infiltrated the wall in the winter to dry out internally.

The same PHS Fusion Variable Plus Window Tape is usable for internal and external sealing, offering excellent levels of vapour control either way. The underside of the self-adhesive tape is full-surface coated with a High Tack adhesive, which is an extremely aggressive adhesive. This allows application even at low temperatures. The split cover foil on this self-adhesive layer allows particularly easy and time saving application. PHS Fusion Variable Plus may be also plastered and painted over and is fully concealed after installation.

PHS Fusion Variable Plus Window Tape has a special structure allowing it to stretch in the transverse direction for optimal absorption of structural movement. This directional flexibility guarantees durable sealing of reveals.


Application Area Preparation

The bonding surfaces must be smooth, dry, free of oil, grease and dust, firm and stable. The jambs and reveals have to be smoothed out according to Din 4108, part 7 for installation of PHS Fusion Variable Plus Window Tape. Especially in low temperatures, it must be ensured that all bonding surfaces are free of any frost and ice. Application surface may require priming Such as Primer 6300 e. g. for solidification of sandy surfaces.

Application at 0 to 10 C will reduce initial adhesion, although application is possible at such temperatures, high final strength will need longer time of contact.

Application of Tape
Measure and cut PHS Fusion Variable Plus to length with at least 5cm to spare. Peel the cover foil off the self-adhesive strip and press the strip to the back of the window frame. Proceed in this way on all sides of the window frame to be sealed. The split protective foil on the full-surface self-adhesive layer is peeled off as required and the tape carefully pressed onto the reveals substrate. Ensure that the tapes overlap in the corners. Use a pressure roller to achieve optimal initial adhesion

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