Dolphin Painters & Masking Tape

Dolphin Painters & Masking Tape

Dolphin Painters & Masking Tape


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Hybrid Exterior Tape is the next generation of painter’s tape. This tape offers the durability of high-performance plastic and still tears easily like paper. It also leaves behind residue-free paint lines.


Dolphin has developed a patent-pending hybrid backing and a non-solvent adhesive that is UV-modified, making it ideal for use on exterior smooth surfaces such as lacquered wood, glass, plastic, and vinyl. The medium tack is also perfect for hanging poly and other painting, plastering, and stucco projects.

This double-sided tape measures 36mm x 41.1m and adheres strongly to a variety of smooth exterior or interior surfaces, including glass, plastic, wood, vinyl, lacquer, and more.

The tape can be removed without leaving any residue for up to 14 days. It has a non-yellowing solvent-free adhesive that is weather-resistant and can withstand UV exposure for 14 days. The tape has a medium-high tack, making it a reliable choice for a variety of projects.

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