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Quelfire Seal Bags

Quelfire Seal Bags


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QFP QuelStop Intumescent Fire Pillows help prevent the spread of fire through metal cable trunking systems that penetrate through fire compartment walls.


Features & Benefits

Fire Tested to BS EN1366-3-2009

To reinstate fire resistance through walls

Easy to install and remove

Available in 3 different sizes

Remains flexible between -20C to +130C

Moisture resistant lining

Trunking areas of use: directly through flexible walls & directly through rigid walls


Installation Information


Quelfire Intumescent Fire Pillows can be used inside steel cable trunking up to 150x150mm where they penetrate fire compartment walls.

They are available in 3 different sizes allowing flexibility in choice to ensure that the trunking is fully sealed even with varying number of cables in them. The cables should not take up more than 60% of the available space inside the trunking and the Pillows should then be installed lengthways, centrally positioned within the wall, filling the remaining space.

Typical Installation Detail Directly through walls

Ensure the supporting construction, aperture, services and site conditions are within the tested scope of application.

Apertures in the wall should be cut as close as possible to the size of the steel trunking ? ideally with a maximum 10mm annulus but in any case not exceeding the maximum sizes given below:

Penetration Service Aperture in wall
Steel Trunking
up to 50 x 50mm
Up to 70 x 70mm
Steel Trunking
up to 150 x 150mm
Up to 170 x 170mm

Ensure the inside of the trunking and cables is clean and clear of loose dust particles.

Install the QuelStop Intumescent Fire Pillows lengthways within the trunking and in such a way that all joints are staggered in each layer and all gaps within the steel trunking system are filled in a manner that ensures a tight compression fit. They should be finally positioned so that they are centrally positioned within the fire compartment wall.

Fill the void around the trunking, using an appropriate backing material such as PE backing rod, glass wool, stone wool or ceramic wool and then apply QuelStop Intumescent Acrylic Sealant to a minimum depth of 10mm.

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