Semin Perfect Joint Green Top – CE 78 Perfect’joint

Semin Perfect Joint Green Top – CE 78 Perfect’joint

Semin Perfect Joint Green Top – CE 78 Perfect’joint


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CE 78 Perfect’joint is a premixed paste designed for joining mitred-edge plasterboards with plaster tape.


Plakist CE 78 Perfect’Joint compound is excellent for plasterboard joints. It has excellent slide properties, is white in colour, easy to sand, and can be applied manually or mechanically.

Suitable surfaces include all types of plasterboard with or without insulation (glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene) with mitred edges and carded surfaces. Plakist CE 78 Perfect’Joint compound should be stored in its original unopened packaging away from frost and high temperatures and can last up to 12 months.

The application process is as follows; before joining the boards together, make sure to fill in any gaps or deteriorated areas between them. To do this, use a 10 or 15 cm plaster spatula to apply coating to the mitred-edge and add the tape (milled face against the jointing coating). Then, add a finishing coat, allow it to dry, and hide the tape and screw heads. For vertical edges, use reinforced tape (reinforcing face on board side). Apply a tape band on the inside ceiling edges and ensure that the concrete is free of any formwork oil. The substrate should be dry and free of any powdery or insufficiently adhesive product. This product is suitable for mechanized applications, such as bazooka and airless.

The amount required is around 500 g/m2?of board. and a repeat coat can be applied 24 to 48 hours after application of the first coat, depending on conditions of course.

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