Semin Universal Bonding Compound – Adhesive Mortar Isocol

Semin Universal Bonding Compound – Adhesive Mortar Isocol

Semin Universal Bonding Compound – Adhesive Mortar Isocol


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Isocol M Adhesive Mortar is a highly recommended product for bonding all types of interior thermal insulation systems such as plasterboard, polystyrene and glass wool. It offers multiple benefits including its ability to bond with most masonry substrates, being easy to mix and apply, quick application and adjustment during boarding, accommodating nominal background irregularities and finally, being suitable for hand use.


Semin Universal Bonding Compound – Adhesive Mortar Isocol contains calcium carbonate and various additives and is white in color. Semin’s Universal Bonding Compoun can be used on any type of plasterboard with paper face, with or without insulation (glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene), concrete, cement filler, render, cellular concrete, and clay brick.

The setting time for this product is 2 hours and its adherence on concrete is greater than 1 MPa. However, it may cause breakage of the polystyrene. It has an A1 class reaction to fire and is compliant with DTU 25.41 and 25.42, DoP, CE marking, and Standard EN 14496.

This product comes in 25 kg bags and can be stored for up to 9 months in unopened original packing if kept away from damp.

For application, it is generally recommended to apply in dabs of approximately 10 cm at horizontal intervals of 30 cm and vertical intervals of 40 cm. For insulation containing fiber (glass wool, rock wool), apply an initial coat of gypsum-based adhesives. Isocol Mortar is then applied in dabs to this line of filler. The surface glued up after the application of the panel should correspond to around 15% of the overall panel surface.

The Bonding Compund takes about 2 to 3 hours to harden and requires 24 hours for complete drying. The amount of product required can vary from 1.5 to 3 kg/m2 depending on the number and thickness of dabs.

To bond curved panels, it is recommended to saw into the insulation in places to ensure total contact with the substrate.

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