Speed Plugs C/W Screws

Speed Plugs C/W Screws

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  • These Cavity Wall Plugs are made from Zinc alloy and have a specially designed cutting tip to pierce the plasterboard skin.
  • Cavity Fixing Plugs are an easy to use fixing for plasterboard and hollow wall applications.
  • They are supplied complete with a Pozi compatible screw, and the countersunk head feature on the plug allows flush fitting of the screw to the plasterboard.
  • The screw and fixture can be removed for cleaning and decoration.
  • Alternative screws can be used if required for different fixtures.
  • Ideal when re-fixing into existing plug or anchor holes.
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These fixings are a quick light duty plasterboard fixing for use in numerous applications. These fixings are suitable for a clean, dry and low humidity environments. The metal speed plug has a 3 point tip for quick insertion and the plug length is 31.5mm.

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