Terms & Conditions


All orders are accepted subject to the under-mentioned terms and conditions, which cannot be adjusted other than with express written consent of Grip Fix Ireland Ltd (The Company).

1. Prices and Quotations

Prices quoted in the published Price List and separate Quotations are based on the prices ruling at that time. Prices are reviewed on an ongoing basis and are subject to change. All orders are accepted on the understanding that goods will be invoiced at prices ruling at the date of despatch plus the appropriate amount of VAT. All quotations provided by our company shall remain valid for a maximum period of 30 days. Beyond this period, the quotation shall be subject to review and revision, and the pricing and terms may be subject to change.

2. Settlement Terms

Non account customers are on a proforma basis and payment is required with order. It is expected that credit account limits and payment terms will be upheld in accordance with credit approval terms, should this not be the case Gripfix reserves the right to suspend or remove credit facilities. There is no right of set off against monies owed to The Company and payment cannot be withheld because of any dispute or claim by the customer. Whatever means of payment used, payment is not deemed affected until The Company’s account has been fully and irrevocably credited. Any price discrepancy must have written notice within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

3. Orders

All orders shall be in writing, and the description given in The Company’s Price List should be used when ordering goods. The order should contain the customer’s name, full postal address, a valid purchase order number, together with clear delivery instructions and address. The Company cannot accept returns of goods correctly supplied against orders. Your must inspect goods upon receipt. You are deemed to have accepted the goods delivered unless written notice of rejection specifying the reasons is provided to The Company within five working days after delivery of the goods.

4. Liability

Except to the extent of replacing free-of-charge goods supplied to the customer which are defective in material or workmanship, The Company hereby excludes (but only to the extent permitted by the law) any loss or damage howsoever caused whether consequential or otherwise suffered directly or indirectly by a customer in connection with goods supplied by The Company.

5. Delivery Terms

Please allow 5 working days for large quantities. Should special vehicles or specific delivery dates and times be required, please contact the sales office for details of the costs which may be incurred. The Company are unable to accept any charges for late or non-arrival of material. The Company cannot accept the return of goods which have been correctly supplied against orders. Where special dispensation is given, all materials must be returned in the same condition as when delivered. All goods must be unloaded within 1 hour of arriving on-site and any period longer than this will be subject to additional standing charges. All timed deliveries are limited to AM or PM time slots and require a minimum of 1 additional day to the standard delivery time. The customer is responsible for offloading the goods on delivery and for all loss or damage to the goods during such onloading.

6. Delivery Charges

All orders under €600.00 will be charged at a rate between €25.00-€80.00 per order. All orders over €600.00 will benefit from free delivery, excluding rates for specialist dates, times, and vehicles. If your delivery is not made due to incorrect site restrictions given on your order, you will be charged the cost of returning goods to The Company and then redelivery. Orders that require a morning or timed delivery will incur additional charges to be calculated by per delivery.

7. Delay in Delivery

Estimates of dates of delivery or for collection by the customer are made in good faith but The Company cannot guarantee that the goods will be ready for delivery or collection on any specific date. When goods are not delivered or ready for collection by the customer on a specified date, this cannot be accepted as a reason for cancellation of any order or the refusal to accept delivery or form the basis of a claim for damages against The Company.

8. Reservation of Ownership

Equitable and beneficial ownership shall remain with The Company until all sums owing to The Company on any account whatsoever have been received by The Company.

9. Risks

Goods supplied hereunder shall be at the risk of the customer from the time when they are delivered to the customer’s premises or other delivery point or have been collected by the customer.

10. Loss or Damage in Transit where Delivery is made by The Company

Goods should be examined on arrival and any damage or shortage recorded on the receipt given to the carrier. Both The Company and the carrier must be advised of such damage or shortage in writing before the expiry of 5 days after arrival of goods. Damaged goods must not be used in part or whole but must be retained by the customer pending The Company’s instructions for disposal. Failure of arrival of goods within 5 days of advised dispatch date must be notified immediately to The Company in writing.

11. Force Majeure

The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by a customer where such loss or damage arises in circumstances outside the reasonable control of The Company including (but not limited to) raw material from normal sources, Government restrictions and controls, strikes and lockouts.

12. Demurrage

The customer shall reimburse The Company upon demand any storage demurrage or any other charges relating directly or indirectly to carriage of the goods and/or the carrier thereof and payable by The Company whether in respect of the period before or after the delivery of the goods.

13. Availability

Materials are normally available ex-stock. Non-stock items will be available in our warehouse on an agreed delivery schedule-upon receipt of purchase order.

14. Collections

Goods can be collected at The Company’s premises above between the hours of 8:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00 hrs Monday to Thursday. And 8:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 16:00 hrs Friday excluding public holidays.

15. Severance

In the event any of these conditions being invalid, illegal, un-enforceable or void for any reason whatsoever, condition should be deemed to be severable from the remaining conditions which shall continue in full force and effect.